Piedmontese Wines Perfect for Christmas

There’s a warm light coming from the store windows, the houses are decorated and a fantastic scent of ginger biscuits is coming from the kitchen: that’s right, Christmas is coming and it’s time to put some gifts under the tree. But what about Piedmontese wines for Christmas hidden under the tree?

Personally, when I think of the Christmas holidays, the first image that comes to mind is a burning fireplace, a laid table, and glasses full of wine, the quintessential symbol of conviviality.

Whether you are a family dinner or enjoying a chill night with friends, wine is exactly what it takes to accompany every moment of celebration and sharing. Moreover, everybody knows that it can warm even the coldest winter nights!

If you are doubtful about which bottle to bring to the table this Christmas, or you are looking for ideas for an original gift, the territory of Alto Piemonte offers a range of products suitable to fulfill every need.

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So find below 4 Piedmontese wines perfect for Christmas!

  1. The toast par excellence: Spumante Metodo Classico “Hallé Rosé” – Enrico Crola

I can almost hear in the distance the popping of corks echoing in the houses. This sparkling wine from Colline Novaresi is made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes.

The king of grapes can express himself in all its elegance in the sparkling rosé version: the fruity acidity and finesse predominate in this wine which is produced with the “Metodo Classico”, the method by which Champagne is produced in France. Thanks to the second fermentation in the bottle, we can mostly obtain pastry notes given by the yeasts and a fine and persistent perlage.

Interesting fact: the winery is the first in Alto Piemonte having produced this kind of wine!

Its bubbles can easily be paired with the whole meal, starting from the most classic aperitif with cheese and cold cuts (what about a fantastic Italian salami with Gorgonzola?), moving on to delicate meats and eventually, why not, even a good dessert.

  1. A red wine that will warm up your heart: Ghemme DOCG “Chioso dei Pomi” – Rovellotti

Nebbiolo and Vespolina are a winning combination: one completes the other. In Ghemme, Nebbiolo grape dominates up to 85%, with its hints of dried rose and raspberry, plus 15% of Vespolina grape which enriches the bouquet with its delicate spiciness.

The long aging of 30 months in wood gives a balanced and soft sip, almost as if it wanted to wrap you up with its warmth.

Drink it immediately, with roasted or stewed meats and tasty cheeses: try it with Mountain Oyster with rosemary and sabory – no, it’s not fish! – or forget it in the cellar until next Christmas.

  1. White (wine) Christmas: Colline Novaresi Bianco DOC “La Contesa” – Filadora

If you are a white wine lover and maybe the Christmas menu includes some fish, we can definitely opt for a white wine from Erbaluce grapes.

Erbaluce is the most widespread white grape variety in Alto Piemonte: its name derives from the Latin “Alba Lux”, with reference to the brightness and color of its bunches in the sun, from which fresh, dry wines are obtained, with a refreshing acidulous note that makes the perfected marriage with food.

Whether it is an aperitif, a vegetarian meal, a salmon or a delicate cheese, this wine will tickle your palate and you just won’t be able to stop pouring yourself another glass.

  1. Wine and Panettone: Passito Valdenrico – Rovellotti

Sweetness in food calls for sweetness in wine, so let’s close with a passito from late-harvested Erbaluce grapes. A jewel from Rovellotti winery, both for its gold color and for the craftmanship of its production.

The taste is rich: candied fruit, raisin and dried fruit. Perfect to recall the candied fruit of the Panettone and even better if tasted with a delicious mascarpone cream.

For the most adventurous palates: try it with strong cheeses like the Erborinato Sancarlone coffee in rind or a nice paté.

You are now caught up and spoiled for choice with these Piedmontese wines for Christmas. Merry Christmas to everyone.

May you be full of happiness, love…and wine of course!

– Until next time, With Love