We made it!

Today is the 3d of July 2019 and our equity crowdfunding campaign is officially over. We raised 77.000€ from 52 investors.

An amount that goes beyond the mere monetary value but that symbolizes trust towards our territory, towards us and towards our project of finally wanting to promote the typical food and drinks products that they so much deserve. 52 investors, people like us, who have recognized the importance of a sector that is not promoted well enough in our country but with enormous potential.

3 intense months, made of sleepless nights, worries and uncertainties, but at the same time, they allowed us to get even more in touch with our producers and to meet fantastic people who have publicly promoted and participated in our adventure.

The goals we have before us are not simple, but if they were, where would the fun be?

Now the game gets tough, but we’re ready. We have been in the game for almost two years and we want to change the market, we want to bring our traditions around the world. Too much? I do not think so.

As Albert Einstein said: “Everyone knows that something is impossible to achieve, until someone comes who doesn’t know it and invents it.”

Now we will keep what was promised. We will welcome several people to our company, invest and grow up slowly. It’s time to let the world discover who we are.

So long live the food, long live Piedmont Delights.