We have grown bigger!

I’d like to tell you a story today…

Let’s go back to April 2017, when we got the idea to start with a new project, a dream, to promote our food & wine local tradition. To best do this, we decided to open an e-commerce and risk everything to give the right space to our territory, so rich in history and traditions.

Nikas Tommaso Startup Piedmont Delights Blog 207So in October 2017, Piedmont Delights came to light. We took inspiration from different sectors, from fashion to automotive, to create something different, something that finally put producers and their history in the foreground, with a captivating brand and engaging and personal storytelling.

We started there, not from my garage like any startup, but from my living room (which was fine anyway, at least we were more comfortable). So the first orders and first shipments arrived, we began to get to know our territory even better, our home and the producers who create extraordinary products every day. It was an uphill road, but we were making progress, taking small steps, with the help of our friends and family who are there to collect the products or ship the orders.

We were growing, we were getting bigger. Despite the nights staring at the ceiling to find solutions or to discover new ways to promote our beloved products, we were pursuing our dream, putting all the possible love and effort, from building the site to packaging orders. We took care of the details almost maniacally and took all our customers on our journey in order to share our mission: respect and promotion of tradition.

Nikas Tommaso Startup Piedmont Delights BlogAfter more than a year we went all-in: the equity crowdfunding campaign. It was a bigger step forward. We wanted to raise funds and welcome new members who would have allowed us to carry on our dream. Those were difficult months, full of satisfaction but stressful.

And then, thanks to the trust of more than 50 investors, we managed to achieve our goal. More than € 70,000 raised. I understand that they are not the millions of € of the stories of American startups that we hear every day, but they represent much more – they are the respect and trust that different people have placed in us to grow and achieve our goals.

Nikas Tommaso Piedmont Crowdfinding Blog StartupThanks to those funds, we managed to move to a larger office, create a respectable logistics and finally hire people to grow even more. And so we did.

In October it was no longer Tommy and I but there were also Gloria, Emma, ​​Carolina and Andrea. People who believed in us and in our project, in our dream. We can say that we have become a big family (a term already inflated enough – but it fully describes the relationship).

But why am I telling you all this?

Well because a few days ago we have become even bigger. Together with the Defendini Logistica in Turin, we signed a capital increase for € 600,000 – a dizzying amount for us and for our dream. Today we are no longer two friends in a living room or 6 boys in an office but we are a company. Young, dynamic, creative in one of the most interesting (and best) sectors of the Italian economy.

Perhaps this dream is no longer a dream but a reality. The objectives have not changed, indeed they have become even more ambitious. Traditions are one of the important pillars of our country and now we can do even more. From June, we will expand to the whole region and from 2021, with the help of Defendini, we will expand to the other Italian regions, to give all the producers and products the opportunity to be discovered even more.

I want to thank first of all my business partner Tommaso, with whom I have shared the ups and downs of these years. I could not ask for a better companion.

I want to thank the whole team, Emma, ​​Gloria, Carolina and Andrea. Young but with a great desire to work and get involved.

I thank all our investors for believing in us from the beginning and for continuing to do so every day. I want to thank Defendini for the great opportunity and finally, but not least, I want to thank all our customers. If I could, I would hug you one by one for your constant support, criticism and praise.

Let’s continue this journey together to discover the traditions of our small but amazing country. We will not stop because today we have grown even more!

– Until next time, With Love