Family Picnic? Here are the perfect cheeses to bring!

Can you smell this scent in the air? I’m talking about SpringLet’s face it, May is the month with the most alluring mood: the fragrance of the flowers in bloom, the sun rays that warm up your face gently, the days that are longer and brighter… everything brings to mind a single word: picnic

In the park of your town, in your backyard or, more simply, on the balcony among your beloved flowers, it doesn’t matter: the main thing is to enjoy a relaxing time outdoor! And of course with every picnic, you’ll want to find the perfect cheeses.

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Ideas for a family picnic

I prefer, for example, Sunday mornings, when the city seems to have appeased her daily grind and from the windows comes only quiet. The sun rays popping from the coloured geraniums on my balcony create the perfect atmosphere for an urban picnic: a card table, four chairs and I’m ready for a much-deserved break with my family. And what about the food? My husband’s got it, he’s the cook here! But he too has a trick up his sleeve. It’s a little secret and I’ll tell you what with great pleasure: to turn a simple picnic into a memorable experience with the perfect cheeses, leave it to Guffanti!
Don’t panic, there’s no other guest to our personal picnic: Guffanti is simply one of the italian excellence in the production of typical cheese specialties, with secular history and experience. A history that begins in 1876, in a darkened and abandoned silver mine: where others saw only a humid and now useless cave, Luigi Guffanti saw the ideal conditions for the cheese’s fermentation. Is it not from these strokes of genius that the best insights come out?Picnic Basket Family Blog Piedmont Delights

Since then, the Guffanti family has improved their ability to “ raise the cheese” with craftsmanship. Their talent has turned this local and family-run reality into an international ambassador of Italian excellence.

The Perfect Cheeses for your Picnic?

In the Guffanti’s Cheese Tasting Box you can find four Piedmontese cheeses of highest quality, to make your little break memorable.

I suggest you start this tour with Biella’s Maccagno DOP: his delicate milky and buttery flavor was the weak point of the great gourmet Quintino Sella, who loved to offer it to his friends. The Finance Minister of Italy’s Kingdom was a great lover of mountains and he is remembered as a kind and gentleman. However, we know for sure that he lost his temper when he discovered the theft of his favourite cheese: like saying, you can take everything, except my Maccagno!

To enhance the sweetness of this exceptional cru there’s nothing like some fresh fruits and a good aged red wine, that with its robust structure will lead you to the intense taste of His Majesty, the Bra. In this renowned DOP cheese, the cow’s milk is mixed with sheep’s milk, creating an inimitable taste, with spicy scents, that’s perfect with chestnut honey and a slice of wholemeal rye bread.

I bet your picnic is going great! I can totally see you with your eyes closed, wrapped in the tasting’s pleasure… It’s the right time for the Antigorio: his intense flavor is a journey through the Val d’Ossola pastures, where the alpine breeders process raw milk, in which you can smell the grassy flavor of the uncontaminated pastures.Cheese Picnic Basket Piedmont Delights

Can I give you a friend’s advice? Accompany this cheese with a bite of Mocetta: the union of this cured meat’s spicy taste and the hay’s aroma of Antigorio is one of the most successful marriages in Piedmontese history.

Last but non least, in the box you can find a must for Piedmonte’s finest cheeses: the Castelmagno DOP, rigorously matured to enhance his organoleptic features. His strong taste of sour milk, with hints of barn, is perfect with a simple blueberry jam and ends on a high note this really unique sensory experience.

So what? Can you smell this scent in the air now? I bet that you won’t help picnicking in this way!

Until next time, with Love!
Maria Chiara