The first month…

Hi guys!
We have been online for more than a month now and we are thrilled to see how much you love Piedmont Delights. We were a bit scared at the beginning – as many young entrepreneurs are – but we wouldn’t have imagined all this love and support!
This fills us with joy especially because we are so attached to the land, we really want people to discover it and experience the fantastic products it can offer. So big up for all of you guys and keep following us!

First of all, we are officially a new member of Destinazione Alto Piemonte – a new consortium dedicated to promoting the north-east of Piedmont (High Piedmont). We will also be collaborating with tour operators and travel agencies as our main purpose is to become the official e-commerce for this region.

Many more producers and products will come on the site this month, so make sure to follow us on social media. Also, we welcome all feedback, questions or requests!

We really want to create a special bond with all of you guys, so call us whenever you need! 😉


-With love,
Nikas & Tommaso