After Dinner with Piedmont: 5 Piedmontese Liquors to try!

Italy is one of the largest producers of bitters in the world and is certainly the one that boasts the oldest and strongest regional liqueur tradition. This skillful blend of officinal herbs, often perfected over the centuries by monks or pharmacists, have long since left the village or suburban bars to intrigue the most contemporary tastes and occupy the spaces of the best cocktail bars in the world. The Piedmontese liquors are a true regional pride.

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Discover our Mancino Vermouth liqueurs: the perfect after-dinner drink!

The coffee killer, in Italian ammazzacaffé”, was born as a tradition of the nobles, who, after dinner, used to move into a special room to smoke a cigar and alternate a drop of liqueur while chatting from the living room. The people, fascinated by this high-ranking tradition, began to imitate the nobility so as to make it customary, even among the popular classes, to consume a glass of bitter after coffee at the end of a meal to warm the stomach and improve the mood.

However, which bitter to choose? From the aperitivo to the digestive, I recommend these Piedmontese liquors that will accompany your dishes on gloomy days during the lockdown:

1. Mancino’s Vermouth from Torino – Dry

We are in the province of Asti and Giancarlo Mancino wanted to honor Vermouth, a fortified wine obtained by adding aromatic herbs ideal for an aperitif!

A classic of yesteryear that thanks to its fresh and herbaceous aromas can be tasted in the dry, white or red versions naturally with some ice cubes or as a base for a cocktail.

2. Grappa di Cà d’Matè

You will think it is a risky combination and instead, with its intense and persistent aroma, blue cheeses, such as gorgonzola or very tasty cheeses, require the aroma given off by the Nebbiolo, Croatina and Prünent marc of our lands.

For your aperitifs or during a cheese tasting, I suggest you sip this grappa Cà d’Matè using a nice tulip glass that will allow you to eliminate the fatness and persistence of these precious cheeses.

3. Fil da Fer

With the arrival of the snow, the bombardino comes to mind, the warm Vov which, with the addition of rum, warmed the days of skiers. This version with the orange liqueur is perfect served as a hot dessert with whipped cream and cocoa or cinnamon powder.

The color recalls the thread of the gas machine that was used to boil drinks, for this Fil da Fer. For over 70 years this shop has been using herbs and plants present in the Piedmont mountains for the production of its liqueurs.

Bottega Morni Piedmont Delights
Which of the La bottega dei Morni bitters would you choose?

4. Herbal Liqueur “Grinta”

For a gritty grand finale, the extinct Tasmanian wolf takes us towards the end of our tasting.

An invigorating infusion of herbs, roots, plants and mountain flowers.

Starting from Lake Orta, these young producers created liqueurs using an 18th century copper still on a wood fire.

5. Infused liqueur “Cordial Camomilla” – 50cl

After the coffee, we usually ask for the amaro .. why not try this Chamomile infusion with relaxing qualities obtained from the maceration of the flower itself with lemon peel?

To be enjoyed after a challenging lunch or dinner or as a meditation distillate in the evening before going to sleep.

Come and discover all our spirits and the proposed combinations, in view of Christmas it doesn’t hurt to have one at home or think about putting it under the tree as a gift!

– Until next time, With love!