The 5 perfect Piedmontese gifts to light up your Christmas

Although 2020 was to all intents and purposes a year different from the ordinary, the same cannot be said about Christmas which, with some differences compared to previous years, deserves to be celebrated properly. The tradition most linked to the party is undoubtedly that of gifts, symbols of affection and love, protagonists from the evening of the eve to the 25th morning. Precisely because this Christmas it will not be possible to spend together with some people, why not choose them to give a special food and wine moment?

Here are our five tips to amaze for the occasion:

1. Guanciale with rosemary – Divin Porcello

Always known for the controversy that sees it as the protagonist against the rival pancetta in the three traditional Roman recipes – amatriciana, carbonara and gricia – the guanciale is a cured meat that deserves much more consideration. If you already love it, you will appreciate it even more in the version of Divin Porcello which, thanks to the presence of rosemary, makes it a perfect choice to accompany croutons with chestnut honey, fig jam or red onion, to inaugurate the lunch of lunches.

How not to propose a cheese platter on the Christmas table? If you too cannot give up this temptation, then Castelmagno is one of the choices for you. With a very rich history, the Piedmontese cheese recognized as PDO since 1996, produced with raw milk, with a strong taste and intense flavor, can be the ideal option for an unusual dressing of a first course. An example? The potato gnocchi and the risotto.

Ruby red with garnet reflections, elegant and superfine, this Piedmontese label carries on its shoulders a 500-year-old tradition, equal to 26 generations of winemakers. It can be the Christmas gift you give to your couple of friends or the surprise you make your family members find on the table. The scents are the spicy ones of nutmeg and woods and ripe red fruit, the sensation of sipping tradition, in step with the times.

The commanded feasts recall long preparations: roasts, fresh pasta and ragu. Why not to recover some time by relying on a company that makes its own sauces with the same care that you would put in it? The venison ragù from the Antica Dispensa really wants to meet this need. If obvious it may be the advice to use it with pasta, the one of the preferred format is less so. We opt for short pierced fusilli or caccavelle – the largest dry pasta ever – baked, with provolone and béchamel.

As soon as you hear the call of December 25th, you can’t help but think about Christmas hampers. If this year’s idea is to amaze with a gift, why not rely on Mangè Poc? Ideal for a couple of family or friends and able to satisfy all palates of those who will receive it, our basket contains five Piedmontese food and wine delights: the ingredients for a risotto with gorgonzola, an almond panettone, a round bar of sweet chocolate and a Nebbiolo.

Who will receive these delicious gifts will only have to close their eyes and travel through the Piedmontese hills savoring its typical taste!

– Until next time, With love!