Women and Beer: The incredible story of Birrificio 2Sorelle

Summer is just around the corner, the days are getting longer and warmer: the ideal climate for a nice cold beer. A perfect companion for summer evenings, refreshing, tasty and full of nuances, beer is the protagonist in this setting. In case you didn’t know, the world behind the production of this product is really varied.

Starting from the ingredients and the type of fermentation, can be obtained very different and unique results. Opening the chapter beers, for its vastness, is like opening an encyclopedia, but today I want to take you directly to the letter “W” of Woman.

Going back in time

If you think about the world of beer and its production, you will probably connect it to the male hemisphere, after all, as we have always been taught that beer is a man thing… What if I told you instead that since ancient times it has never been like that?

Let’s take a step back in time to about 6000 years ago when beer was a “business” of women. This sweet beverage was born from their work, who was in charge of the production.

The imprint of women on this beverage certainly does not stop at the practical part. Beer, which until the 12th century was obtained from malt and a mix of spices which exalted its flavors, changed radically thanks to a woman and her studies in botany. It was in this way that hops, the undisputed king of our beers was studied and analyzed for the first time.

Let’s now take a leap forward in time to 2010, the year in which two sisters from Piedmont bought a farmhouse located in Santo Stefano Belbo, the town where they grew up. Surrounded half by a vineyard and half by arable fields, the farmhouse seemed the perfect place to give life to a new project: a women-run brewery.

Birrificio 2Sorelle Elisa Federica Piedmont Delights Blog 2
The Cascinale in Santo Stefano Belbo, where the 2Sorelle Brewery is located

Federica and Elisa Toso with their talent, knowledge, and creativity, carry the flag of a female story in their hands, reminding us that beer is a great product, full of nuances and flavors, able to frame our best memories.

But what does this beer contain?

Barley and Hops: King and Queen of Beers

Barley-based drink” is the likely origin behind the term Beer. And it could not be more appropriate than that, since the king of this drink is just the barley, self-produced on the ground of the brewery “2Sorelle” and processed to obtain exclusively pils malt

“King Barley” would be nothing if he did not have a great companion at his side. It is so that during its fermentation some essential ingredients are added in order to give the final product an original aspect and aroma, such as hops, but more precisely it’s female flower: our Queen. Thanks to the botanical studies of the nun Hildegard von Bingen, we know this plant is rich in lupulin, a substance with a bitterish taste that attenuates the sweetness of malt, and which aromatizes the taste of our beloved beer.

Malt Luppolo Brewer 2Sorelle Santo Stefano Belbo Piedmont Delights Blog
Malt and Hops: the two fundamental ingredients for beer

The world of hops is also immense and in order to discover all the varieties, we would have to go around the world. From Slovenia to America and going back to Germany and Czech Republic. Every variety, with its own richness and intensity, is chosen according to the kind of beer one wants to make: for sure there is something for every taste!

The flawless matching

Enjoying a good beer is always a good deal, and pairing it with food is the ideal choice.

But how to match the two things together? If you do not make the right match you risk losing the various nuances of beer or instead covering the dish with a flavor too persistent.

Here are some advice about how to best enjoy the beers of “2Sorelle”:

– “Amber Ale” is an amber beer with an intense taste and hints of bread crust. It is at its best when served with seasoned or blue cheese, grilled meats or dried fruits.


– “ Saison Special” is a beer inspired by Saison (clear beer with high fermentation) rich in fruity aromas, typical of German hops. As an unfiltered beer it is perfect with both sweet and salty foods. You can pair it with cookies, aged cheese, grilled meat or spicy dishes.


– “ Sister Ale“, first born in the brewery, is a beer inspired by the Belgian tradition of Farmhouse Ales. It has a fruity taste with citrus aromas and you can taste it with fish and shellfish dishes, with white meat or game, or during aperitif with seasoned cheese.

– And to end the barbecue with a chocolaty dessert, you can’t miss the
Peter Hopfen Beer Distillate: obtained from the distillation of Saison Special beer, it gives a persistent floral and fruity aftertaste that you can’t do without!

Amber Ale Blonde Beer Brewer 2Sorelle Italian Piedmont Delights
Which beer do you prefer between Amber Ale and Saison Special?

So, glasses up and thoughts down! Cheers 🍻

– Until next time, With love!