The perfect song for your food and wine journey

If you are on this blog it’s because you have at least one of these two passions: food (but also good wine), or music. We know that, browsing this space, you expect the story of a delicious dish, a typical Piedmontese product, or one of the uniqueness of our territory.
Instead, today, it’s the music that speaks. To speak are the notes which are able to enhance the flavors and aromas, or to make an evening in company unique by making us appreciate even more the table on which we sit.

Eat, listen and love

You too, in your daily life, you will surely have had the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing aperitif, or an evening in the company of good wine and some delicacies, all made even more pleasant by a beautiful background music. Maybe by creating a playlist tailored to the occasion.

We too, we want to tell you, we did it and then, overwhelmed by the energy that music can give, we created a playlist whose only common denominator is: food. Mangia, Ascolta e Ama (Eat, listen and love).

Three simple things that can make life full of joy. Think about how music is able to bring people together: sharing opinions on genres, or humming an old catchphrase like “Ma il cielo è sempre più blu”, during a birthday dinner. You can find all this in our playlist.

Music and food, the perfect combination

The famous Rita Pavone singing “Viva la pappa al pomodoro”

Eat, listen and love is for everyone: it’s the opportunity to experience Amarcord moments, but also to stay in our world with the music we hear every day. Eat, listen and love is exactly like the choice we offer you: wide and varied, capable of satisfying any palate, indeed – in this case – hearing.

To listen through the speakers with friends, or in total tranquility with earphones. The only advice we give you is to do it with the ideal Piedmontese product for the occasion, whether it is good wine from Monferrato, or cheese from our mountains, or – again – a typical dish of the area.

The songs on the playlist range from Vasco Rossi’s rock, capable of giving us energy and vitality like early morning coffee. But we also pass by the great classics that evoke the products of our wonderful land and the dishes that derive from it… If I tell you red, it goes well with basil. Can’t you think of anything? Think carefully! “Viva la pappa col pomodoro” by the timeless Rita Pavone. But for the most virtuosos, there is also classical music and a great combination of wine and food: Ludovico Einaudi will be the perfect artist with a crescendo of notes and emotions.
An eleven-hour journey in which you can discover new sounds just like when you take the car and leave, without a destination. Has it ever happened to you? The desire to discover new places, but also to review those that you haven’t seen for a long time, and, in the same way, it can be done with music: between new songs never heard before and a mix of pieces that evoke unique emotions.
The circle closes when the beauties of our territory are joined by the opportunity to stop and taste new dishes, just like when listening to a song for the first time or seeing a magical place for the first time.

A song for every dish

And so, if at the beginning of the blog the connection between music and food could have been unclear, now we are almost certain that you feel like lying in a hammock, or under a fruit tree, with our playlist on, looking for the sound more suitable and letting yourself be carried away by emotions.

Which product matches each musical genre?

– Let’s say you want to relax in the moonlight, with a nice Grappa di Barolo and one Gianduiotti tube. The personal suggestion of the writer is to do it with the background of “Experience”, by Ludovico Einaudi.

– If, on the other hand,
pure adrenaline flows in your veins, the Alta Langa DOCG Metodo Classico Pas Dosé Riserva “Zero 140” Mars by Enrico Serafino is the right product for you: a process that has taken the potential of the Metodo Classico to the limit, with 13 years of waiting to unleash the essence of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to the full. The perfect piece to generate a charge of infinite energy? “Certe Notti” by Luciano Ligabue, so that you are sure that between wine and sound you can have as much fun as possible.

The latest music-food combination touches the notes of love. The gift basket, “At voi bin”, which contains so many sweetness and all the love that words cannot express, and since we are talking about a special dedication, the song is “A Te” by Jovanotti.vinile-playlist-spotify-piedmont-delights

– Until next time, With love!