The magical islands of Lake Maggiore loved by Hemingway

The three islands of Lake Maggiore are located in front of the splendid panorama of Stresa, which with its romantic lakefront and charming hotels, proves to be an elegant and fascinating city. Here, in fact, passed the Orient Express, made famous by Agatha Christie.

The luxurious and eternal hotels have been home to famous people, such as Stendhal, Dumas, and Dickens, but above all, Ernest Hemingway who, thanks to the landscape and relaxation of these lands, gave life to his novel “A Farewell to Arms”.

The panorama of this almost enchanted gulf, painted, surrounded by stately villas and botanical gardens, is embellished by three beautiful islands.

Piedmont Delights Isola Madre Stresa Lago Maggiore

On the Isola Madre, it seems almost to be in a distant, exotic country, in fact here there are rare and exotic plants and flowers like Japanese camellias and Australian eucalyptus. But also, white peacocks, parrots, and pheasants live freely in the wonderful garden that extends around the baroque palace. In the center of the island stands the enormous centuries-old cypress of Kashmir, the largest in Europe.

During the spring you can enjoy the magnificent blooms of azaleas, rhododendrons, and camellias.

Piedmont Delights Isola Bella Stresa Lago Maggiore

If the Isola Madre can be considered the holiday home of the Borromeo family, Isola Bella, closer to Stresa, is dedicated to ceremonials. Transformed into a marvelous Italian baroque garden, characterized by terraces where rare plants and flowers are preserved, the Isola Bella has taken the form of a vessel standing in the middle of the lake. These gardens were designed to amaze, create an illusion, and arouse wonder in their guests. You can not miss a visit to the palace of the island where tapestries and paintings are preserved but also to the curious mosaic caves. For the most romantic, there is also a hotel where you can spend a night in this magical place.

Piedmont Delights Isola Pescatori Stresa Lago Maggiore

The only island not belonging to the Borromeo family is the Pescatori island, which is inhabited throughout the year. This island is rich in history and is perhaps the most characteristic. It owes its name to the craft of its inhabitants, who exploited the small size of the island for their own purposes – for example, the long balconies were used to dry the fish, the houses are built on two floors to make the most of the small space available.

Between the Isola Bella and the Isola Pescatori, there is the Scoglio of Marghera, better known as Lovers’ Island, due to its small and romantic beach.

The Golfo Borromeo and the Islands of Lake Maggiore is a unique place, which has retained its charm and luxury over time. A place of relaxation and romance, giving the right recognition to a magical land like Lake Maggiore.

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