You need to try this Fermented Black Garlic Risotto

If the mere thought of garlic brings to mind its pungent taste that lasts for days and is also not very digestible, it’s probably because you haven’t tried fermented black garlic yet. 

It is a variant of the classic white garlic whose taste makes you forget everything you ever thought about this ingredient! Absurd but true, the great power of fermentation is the transformation of its flavour. Apart from changing its colour, it becomes more digestible and is enriched with a taste full of nuances ranging from liquorice to balsamic vinegar with hints of soy sauce. So how does this garlic taste? Umami!

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Umami is a Japanese word meaning ‘savoury’ and is the 5th taste perceived by our palate . After sweet, salty, bitter and sour we find umami, which is typical of high-protein or fermented foods such as black garlic. But this term not only represents the quintessence of taste, it is also the name of an entirely Piedmontese company that produces this refined product.

Innovation Made in Piedmont

From the brilliant minds of two young people from Piedmont, Guglielmo and Alice, comes a new reality of refined flavours. Drawing on their experience as biologists and experts in food processing, the two put their inventiveness to work to create a valuable and innovative product.

They start from tradition and from a simple ingredient like garlic, to create a unique experience in the world of taste. So, among the hills of the Langhe, they began experimenting with the fermentation of garlic, until they obtained what is now a product that takes you away from the classic conception you have of this ingredient. 

Umami Piedmont Delights
Our friends Alice and Guglielmo from Umami Gourmet

But how does the fermentation process work? The main ingredient, Garlic DOP, goes through a long process of maturation and fermentation during which the temperature and humidity level is constantly controlled. During this process, the garlic is transformed: the white of its cloves gradually turns black, its texture becomes softer and its taste tends towards sweetness. But the real magic of this process is the loss of allicin, which makes traditional garlic undigestible. Thanks to Alice and Guglielmo’s invention, garlic becomes a special ingredient to enrich your recipes. 

The properties of fermented black garlic

Like the best superheroes, once transformed, this ingredient brings out the best in us and is ready to fight side by side with our immune system. Once the process is complete, it is enriched with a higher concentration of antioxidants and doubles the phosphorus content compared to its white version. 

Its superpower does not end there as it also improves glucose metabolism by reducing the need for sugar, protects the heart, and is useful in fighting high blood pressure and reducing cholesterol. 

We could go on extolling its properties for a long time, but one thing is certain: no one is more super than it.

Black Garlic Umami Piedmont Delights Blog

Now to try it with a Fermented Black Garlic Risotto

It’s safe to say that this product can make the simplest of recipes special and rich, adding that final touch that changes everything. There are many different variants you can add to your dishes: whole, in cream, mixed with salt, and they can all be used in a wide variety of recipes. Whether it’s the first course, main course, or starter, it’s hard to find a dish in which this ingredient can’t become king. 

So here is a very simple recipe to bring to the table a dish that brings out the true soul of black garlic: risotto.

– Peel three cloves of black garlic and crush them with a fork in a bowl or with the help of a hand blender. Add two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and half a ladleful of stock. Stir well until creamy.

– Toast the rice in a non-stick pan for a few minutes, without adding oil or butter. Add the white wine and let the alcohol evaporate.

– Cover the rice with a few ladles of hot broth, lower the heat and cook for about 18 minutes.

– A few minutes before the end of cooking, add the black garlic cream and mix well to amalgamate all the ingredients.

– Once cooked, remove from the heat and cream with fresh cheese.


– Until next time, With love!