How are the rarest cheese in the world produced? | In una bottiglia – EP.1

We are pleased to present “IN UNA BOTTIGLIA” (“In one bottle”): a new web series presented by us, Piedmont Delights, dedicated to Piedmont and its typical food & drinks, where we will tell together with our producers the stories, products, and traditions of our land, while having a bottle of wine.

In this first episode, we will talk about typical Piedmontese cheeses together with Guffanti, one of the most renowned cheese refiners in the world. But we will not only talk about it because together with chef Imma Ferraro we will cook something really delicious.

NB. No cheese was abused for this episode. They are good and we ate them!

And if you are interested and want to watch more, here’s the uncut version:

– Until the next episode, With love!