Happy Birthday Piedmont Delights!

Today is an important day for us.

Exactly one year ago we decided to undertake this new mission, driven by the desire to promote the places we love and its extraordinary food and wine traditions.

Despite the many uncertainties, the thousand doubts and the few funds available, we launched Piedmont Delights.

From the beginning, we met people ready to share with us this journey, producers capable and ready to roll up their sleeves so that this place we call Piedmont becomes what it deserves to be.

There have been difficulties, we spent many sleepless nights, but we are satisfied with what we are doing. The results, after a year, are coming in and now we are ready to grow even more.

We’d like to thank, first of all, the 28 producers who immediately believed in us.

We’d like to thank Elena Maffioli and Marika Pretti, our collaborators, who through the blog, try to describe our region in a professional and capable manner, every month.

We’d like to thank our families who have helped us to move forward and to not give up.

And finally, we want to thank all of you for the affection you show us every day, through our website and our social channels.

It has been a beautiful year and we are sure that the future will be even better.

We will be here, pushed every day by the will to promote our beloved Piedmont.

To celebrate the occasion, we want to share with you the results of this first year.

Happy Birthday Piedmont Delights!

We ❤️ you