Happy 3rd Birthday to us!

Here we are again!

3 years ago we opened Piedmont Delights with the intention of promoting and sharing typical Piedmontese food and wine. But we didn’t stop there: our goal is to innovate a sector that has been static for too long, seeking excellence in every field and giving due space to the stories of our land!

Thanks to everyone who believed in us, starting from the people who actively work every day with Tommaso and me: Beatrice, Gloria, Emma, Carolina, Ambra, FeeltheBeat Agency, Phillip, and all the others. Thanks to our new investors who believed in us and our mission from the beginning. And thanks to all of you for bringing home a small piece of our traditions. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be here today.

And lastly, thanks to our families for the continuous support 🙂

Let me just say, we’ve only just begun! 

Here below you can see the results of the past 3 years in this very cool infographic!