First day of school

“Today is the day”

With these words, we realized we have approached our first day.
Like the first day in school, when you’re thrilled to begin a new experience but at the same time, you feel nervous about how’s really going to be.
Well, 5 months went by from the day where someone close to us said a particular sentence that made us realize that we needed to do something to promote our land.

We were unsure about our personal future and we were about to leave this fantastic place, hit by an ever-lasting economic recession, but fortunately, we decided to stay and embark on this project.
We spent the last months learning, laughing, smiling and even arguing (as the best families do), and as the days passed, the passion for this project grew. Today we are here to present it to you!
Here, on Piedmont Delights, you’ll find the beauty of our land: we will make you discover, through the words of authentic producers, what has always been our home.

You’ll find the stories of unknown products, the innovation and tradition that walk together to create wonderful flavors.
You’ll decide how to approach the journey through Piedmont Delights. You could start from the mountains, where our producers create unique cold cuts and cheeses, or from the rice fields, where the world-famous rice is produced. You could also discover our beer, in which you could smell our typical aromas and at the end, sweeten your day with our honey, recognized to be one of the best in Italy thanks to the floral varieties of this place.

We would like to be your reliable shopkeeper, who will suggest the best food and drinks.

This is Piedmont Delights – it’s our home, but it will also be yours.


Nikas & Tommaso