Let’s celebrate the Moka pot with these summer coffees

A coffee lover’s favorite sound is that of the Moka pot when the hot coffee bubbles out, ready for an after-lunch pick-me-up. The Moka pot is quite small and affordable, with Piedmontese origins, it changed coffee consumption worldwide. This invention finally provided a quick and practical way to make coffee at home, a coffee as good as the one that you drink in a bar. Of course, it is amazing hot off the stove, but you can make it even more delicious, and fresh, with these summer coffee recipes, try them yourself!


Only a few, high-quality, ingredients are needed to make a special Italian Shakerato. Let’s start with a good coffee made with your Moka pot and sweetened as you like it. Once it is cold, add a tablespoon of “Ananda” cocoa liqueur by AB Selezione, which will give a chocolatey and intense kick to your coffee. Shake everything with plenty of ice. Strain it, pouring it in a tall glass, and add more ice cubes and some frothy milk that will give a delicate touch and a smooth consistency to the drink. This is the perfect summer coffee to refresh and recharge on a hot summer afternoon!

Iced Mokaccino

Mokaccino is a mix between a coffee, a cappuccino, and a hot chocolate usually served hot or lukewarm. This is a frozen and creamy version, super luscious and perfect for summer. First off, make a good coffee with your Moka pot and sweeten it as you like. When it is cold, pour it into a powerful blender with some ice cubes and a quarter cup of milk. The ingredient that turns this mokaccino into a special treat is cocoa powder by Audere! Just a teaspoon will give a sweet, chocolatey, and intense flavor, that pairs perfectly with the coffee aroma. Blend until you reach a smooth consistency, then pour it in a tall glass, add a dollop of fresh whipped cream, slightly sweetened, and sprinkle with some more Audere’s cocoa powder. This summery mokaccino is perfect for breakfast or as a treat, perfect to amaze your friends!

Coffee: a Piedmontese passion

We can make these delicious drinks thanks to Alfonso Bialetti’s creativity: in 1933 he invented the Moka pot, revolutionizing coffee traditions. For a long time, coffee consumption was bound to espresso machines in bars, definitely too big and expensive to be used at home. Drinking coffee in a bar was an expensive habit, too expensive for many people. Thanks to Alfonso Bialetti’s creation, and to the industrial and economic boom in Italy in the 1950s, the Moka pot, small and cheap, was produced and distributed in Italy.

It quickly became a favorite worldwide, changing coffee lovers’ lives. As Piedmontese, we are proud not only because the Moka pot was created in Piedmont,( in Crusinallo near Verbania) but also because the biggest Italian companies that sell it are both Piedmontese: Bialetti, the one founded by Alfonso Bialetti, and Alessi, whose headquarters are in Omegna.


The Piedmontese have been coffee lovers for centuries: they welcomed and enhanced an ingredient that comes from far away and many put passion and effort into developing this art. I am referring not only to the Moka pot but also to the first patent ever for an espresso machine: it was designed by Angelo Moriondo in 1884 in Turin, Piedmont’s capital and also… coffee’s capital.

If you are a coffee lover yourself, try these special drinks and share them with us on Instagram… we can’t wait to see your creations!


– Until next time, With love!