7 ways to be a true Piedmontese according to Nikas

This first week of March has been a vey exciting week for us at Piedmont Delights.

In fact, we ticked off one of our “New Year Promises”: the creation of the new website! As they say: “New year, new life”. We have created a new platform to fully represent our passion, dedication and professionalism, and put care and attention into creating enriched content to tell you the stories of the producers and their products of a centuries-old tradition.

Welcome Workflow
Tommaso, COO, and Nikas, CEO. In 2017 they created Piedmont Delights.

Moreover, Nikas, CEO and Co-Founder of Piedmont Delights, started the week with a bang by blowing out 32 candles on the cake. Happy birthday! 

You will be enchanted by the latest new entries! You’ll be amazed to taste the flavours and aromas of where they come from: from the snowy peaks of Monte Rosa in “Alto Piemonte” to the vineyard-studded hills of “Basso Piemonte”. Not sure where to start? Here are the 7 things you can’t miss about Piedmont according to Nikas:

  1. Have Sunday lunch with the family with a dish of “polenta cüncià”, a typical Biella dish. Prepared as tradition recommends: on the wood-burning stove and with a copper pot. The secret ingredient is not to overdo the amount of butter and cheese to be melted in the polenta. The origins of this dish are peasant, but the pleasure it gives to the palate is for real kings! 
  2. Walking through the villages of Lake Maggiore, voted one of the most beautiful and characteristic lakes in Europe for the indissoluble link between nature and culture. Living with a sea view is for many unparalleled, but know that there are scientific studies showing that being close to the lake makes you happier, healthier and more connected. That’s the secret of our good old Nikas 😏 
  3. Never skip the aperitivo . There are some things you can’t say to a Piedmontese: “Bagna Càuda is good, but could you get it without garlic?”, “Risotto is best made in Milan” and “The aperitif was invented by the Venetians”. The origins of the aperitif are sometimes confused, but we Piedmontese take the undisputed credit! In fact, in 1786 Antonio Benedetto Campano invented a white muscat wine flavoured with an infusion of herbs and spices: Vermouth, accompanied by a few snacks to start the meal (hence the name aperitivo, “aperire”, i.e., to start). Nikas loves aperitifs: they are convivial, free and reminiscent of summer.
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  4. A nice slice of Bettelmatt, that’s what Nikas’ pantry is never short of. Girls step aside, Nikas will never cease to fall in love with the history of this alpine cheese: belonging to the Walser culture, it is made in only 7 alpine pastures of the Ossola between 1500 and 2500 kilometres of altitude. 
  5. A va come (‘me) na barca ant ën bòsch (It goes like a boat in a wood), is Nikas’ favourite proverbial saying. It’s what a true Piedmontese will tell you on a bad day. There is nothing more senseless and unproductive than moving through a forest using a boat as a vehicle. It is a discouraging but ironic answer, as multifaceted as we Piedmontese are, because it indicates the faint ray of sunshine emerging from the fog. 
  6. What Nikas adores about the Piedmontese is their patience but tenacity, their prudence but courage. Woe betide anyone who dares to contradict the space dedicated on the new site to the authentic people behind the products… Or at least, wait until Nikas hears from you 🙊 
  7. How do you recognise a true Piedmontese? If you find yourself in front of a person whose virtue is “understatement”, you can label him as a Piedmontese DOCG. It’s not a tongue twister, but it does indicate the Piedmontese predisposition to be unimportant. At the London Fair, everyone thought we represented a multinational company, you should have seen Nikas’ face: so surprised and stupid as if to say “Esageruma nen!“.

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– Until next time, With love!