5 White Wines from Piedmont you must try this summer!

Every season has its own wines and during the summer we like them fresh and not too demanding. They have to accompany us to the beach or in the mountains and feel good in the company of lighter, less structured dishes. So of course we had to choose white wines from Piedmont!
Together with rosés, the most popular candidates for summer evenings are young white wines or even bubbles. To appreciate them at best, however, they should be served at the right temperature, that is, between 8 ° and 10 ° C for white wines and 6-8 ° C for sparkling wines. In summer, it is always better to cool them first to 2-3 degrees below the ideal serving temperature.

But let’s get to the point.
Which are the white wines from Piedmont to choose from all the incredible options?
Here you will find our five suggestions for the summer season:

1. Colline Novaresi White DOC “La Contesa” – Filadora Winery 2015

Piedmont Delights Filadora White Wine Bottling

A young company, founded in 2005, the result of the passion of Antonella Coppola, who with her son Andrea, manages 3.5 hectares on the hill from which it takes its name, in the village of Mezzomerico. A wine whose base is that grape contended between Canavese and Novarese, the Erbaluce. It is a wide and elegant wine, a range of delicate aromas mixed with hints of hazelnut that seem to recall the use of wood, which however it’s not contemplated. An ambitious wine, it has veins of lemon and flavors of sage and grapefruit. This wine is definitely a Piedmontese white wine not to be missed.

2. Colline Novaresi DOC Bianco Vitigno Innominabile “Il Criccone” – 2016

Piedmont Delights Rovellotti Criccone White Wine

Antonello and Paolo Rovellotti manage the company based in the beautiful Ricetto di Ghemme, a medieval village that flanks the ancient road that leads from Novara to Valsesia. This wine is 100% Erbaluce, the unnameable grape variety, whose name and denomination remain the exclusive right of the Canavese producers, excluding those of the Novarese. It is delicate to the nose, punctuated with wildflowers, and light touches of citrus fruits that anticipate a nice sip cleansed by astringent sensations and taste of lime.

3. Colline Novaresi White DOC “Particella 40” 2016 – Valle Roncati

Piedmont Delights Parcella40 White Wine Valle Roncati

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather Giuseppe Fassa, a winemaker in Briona, in the province of Novara since the early 1900s, his nephew Corrado, together with his wife Cecilia, founded the Valle Roncati farm in 1997, out of pure passion and desire to renew the ancient winemaking tradition of the Fassa family. Particella 40 is a 100% Erbaluce, a grape also called Greco, as it is known in the Novara area: recent genetic analysis confirms its relationship with the best-known Greco from Campania. It is a snappy wine that speaks of territory. Aromatic herbs and flowers such as chamomile are well recognizable on the nose, its freshness is well bonded in an aromatic hint of citrus, the sip and drink are persistent and supported by a lively freshness.

4. “La Gera” White – Cantine Garrone 2015

Piedmont Delights Garrone Domodossola Wine Barrel

We are in the northernmost part of Alto Piemonte, in Oira, where the Cantina Garrone stands. The cultivation of white grapes has only begun a few years ago, and for this reason “La Gera” is still produced in minimal quantities, with one coming from the vines of a few producers. Chardonnay and other grapes from old vines give life to this wine that finishes its fermentation in wood.
The aromas are delicate and rocky, it is a tense citrus wine, the sip is taut and the savory notes makes it very gastronomic. Acidity makes its drinking even more enjoyable.

5. “Hallé Rosé” Classic Method Sparkling Wine – Enrico Crola

Piedmont Delights Crola Vine Mezzomerico

This list wouldn’t be complete without a nice bubble like the one of Enrico Crola, based on Nebbiolo grapes. Enrico Crola was the first producer in Alto Piemonte to produce this type of wine. An unconventional bubble, with an intense froth. The fruity side of Nebbiolo combines with the typical notes of yeast and bread crust typical of the classic method. A wine that recalls small red fruits and powder, the sip is elegant and the perception of tannin is smooth and very pleasant.

These are our five fresh, young, still or sparkling wines you must try this summer!


Are you wondering how to cool these wines to perfection?
Easy, the fridge is fine, certainly, the wine coolers offer something a little more advanced, allowing the choice of the precise temperature and humidity for each type of wine and there are different types and models for all needs (and pockets).

If you have forgotten to cool your bottle in time, away from the summer heat, do not worry. The everlasting ice bucket is better than any other device.

How to prepare the bucket?
First, put a layer of ice on the bottom and then spread a little coarse salt on it and do not forget to add a glass of water. In this way the ice starts to melt more quickly, immediately lowering the water temperature. At this point put the bottle in the bucket and fill the free space with other ice and water and after about 10-15 minutes, the wine should have reached the right temperature!

– Until next time, with Love!