The Perfect Picnic in Alto Piemonte

As you may now, the Piedmontese territory offers many opportunities for a Sunday walk in the midst of nature, especially now, that spring has finally come and the magical awakening of the flora and the fauna.To fully immerse yourself in this diverse and fascinating area, facing miles of scenic trails between our valleys, the right caloric intake is essential! The perfect picnic in Alto Piemonte involves lots of great bites.

What are the essential ingredients to taste Alto Piemonte not only with your eyes, but also with the palate? Open up your backpacks and baskets, prepare your knives and cutting boards and take notes!

1. Coppa with mountain herbs – 600/700gr

A respectable picnic in Alto Piemonte cannot do without cold cuts. For a perfect sandwich, the right combination of lean and fat meat. Casa Walser prepares its Coppa by incorporating the characteristic scents of the Val d’Ossola’s nature. Thanks to the mountain herbs, you will be able to really feel the nature around you, bite after bite.

2. Fior di Tiglio – circa 800gr

Paired with the right cold cuts, you cannot forget to add some cheese. Perhaps one with an embracing flavour, that it’s able to soften the flavor of the Coppa. It’s the case of the Fior di Tiglio: the creaminess of the raw cow’s milk, emphasized by the sweet and aromatic note of lime honey. As milk is the key product of the Alto Piemonte valleys, milk, and the symbol of spring in bloom, honey, come together in a “path of flavors”.

3. Red Rib & Almond Pesto – 160gr

Two slices of fragrant dark rye bread, Coppa with herbs and Fior di Tiglio. What else to enhance the taste of this amazing sandwich? It needs the right sauce to give the correct humidity to every bite, playing with the most varied ingredients. The Red Coast and Almond Pesto can do that for us: the beets are processed in a vacuum and at a low temperature, preserving all the organoleptic properties. A fresh touch enriched with extra virgin olive oil, with a unique flavor.

4. Caramelized IGP Hazelnuts – 100gr

After the amazing salty ingredients, the sweet note is a must! For a Sunday backpacking walk, practicality is imperative, as it is a quick and nutritious snack to energize along the path. The IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts, produced in Romagnano Sesia and delicately caramelized, contain the essential characteristics to be a greedy starvation or a worthy conclusion to a perfect lunch.

5. Belgian Saison “Ocra” – 75cl

During a brisk walk, under the warm spring sun, it is important to drink plenty of water. Once lunch time arrives, nothing is more satisfying than a sip of beer kept cool in the thermal backpack. The low alcohol content and the spicy but unobtrusive note of this saison are an excellent and thirst-quenching companion for cold cuts and cheeses.

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Now that you have the recipe for a perfect Sunday trip to Alto Piemonte, arm yourself with backpacks and blankets and set off to discover our splendid territory, always in the name of respect for the enchanted nature that surrounds you.

– Until next time, With Love