The Romantic Products of Piedmont for Valentines Day

We are close to the sweetest festivity of the year and since flowers and roses are a bit outdated we’d like to recommend you 5 of the most romantic products of the Piedmontese tradition that will make any person fall in love with you instantly.

Audere Chocolate Bar Blog Piedmont Delights
Audere’s chocolate bars are carefully wrapped by hand

1. Fugascina

The sweetest and most romantic cake in the world! Between a kiss and the other, you will not be able to resist the temptation to taste and devour this fantastic biscuit!

Best if given with a beautiful rose or a shiny ring (if you want to be brave).

N.B. Recommended for singles, however do not eat it too much otherwise you’ll risk being alone forever!

2. Spumante Metodo Classico “Hallé Rosé”

The real cupid is him: Nebbiolo Sparkling Wine Metodo Classico produced in the hills between the lakes and Novara! Your partner will be speechless!

It’s perfect to celebrate love your love!

3. Jéroboam Chocolate with hazelnuts spread – 3kg

Since the beginning of  January, all we hear talking about is the challenge between Nutella and the Pan di Stelle spread, but would you like an advice? The real undisputed queen of Valentine’s Day is the chocolate spread by Audere, prepared in these beautiful giant 3kg jars. Your partner will fall directly in your arms for all these divine chocolate.

Crema Cioccolato Audere Blog Piedmont Delights
Who wouldn’t dive into Audere’s chocolate cream?

4. Vermouth & Chocolate Limited Edition Box

After dinner at the restaurant, flowers and all the kisses you can give in this world, this bitter is the right way to fully enjoy the rest of the night!

The true Piedmontese Vermouth for the lovers.

N.B. For all singles, we recommend double or triple dose to avoid depression.

5. Apples & Roses Extra Jam

The best way to start the morning of this loving day: a nice breakfast in bed with the sweets jam by definition?

Apples and roses a perfect wedding (since we are on the subject) to be served with rusks or if you now feel like chefs even fantastic pancakes or pies (I trust you)

Do you see that eventually, flowers turned up either way?

These are our products for a successful Valentine’s Day, since chocolate is the undisputed protagonist of this day we advise you to take a look at all the amazing products of Audere!

Riccardo Audere Cioccolato Blog Piedmont Delights
Thanks to the mastery of chocolatier Riccardo di Audere, you can be on the safe side this Valentine’s Day!

That’s all for today! Now enjoy this wonderful day and remember: San Valentino is every day!

P.S. No little angel of love has been mistreated to write this article!

– With Love,