5 Italian Summer Drinks you Need to Try

The well-deserved holidays, the scent of the sea, the mountains’ majesty, the discovery of charming towns, great food to enjoy in good company: that’s what summer is all about! It’s the freedom to linger around a table, to take time to meet your friends, or to reflect on your projects, sipping an excellent cocktail. 

Speaking of, what are the perfect drinks to accompany the hottest months of the year? 

Forget the usual Negroni, Spritz, and Campari that you can always find, and enjoy year-round, add a little spark to your Italian-style summer and enjoy these five Italian summer drinks! We’ve got you covered with something for the romantic, the creative, the adventurous, and even for you lovers of the simple things. Here are our favourite Italian Summer Drinks for when you’re looking for something new.

A Romantic Craft Bellini

When it’s summer, you don’t need to wait for Friday Night to toast with your friends: every occasion is good to pop open a bottle!  And a great spumante is what makes one of our favourite Italian summer drinks the perfect choice.

A good drink is like a dress, it has to adapt to the situation perfectly. Take, for example, a relaxing day in the swimming pool: between a dip and another, what’s better than sipping a fresh and fruity cocktail, like the Bellini?

Of course, it’s a classic but we’ve got just the way to give it an extra tone of luxury: it’s all about the ingredients. 

First of all, you need an excellent peach juice, like the Peach Nectar by Audere, velvety and sweet just like a ripe peach plucked from the tree.

Add a brut of the highest quality, like the Spumante Alta Langa DOCG “Oudeis”.

It is made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, delicately selected by hand, and produced with Metodo Classico. This means the bottle has been aged on lees for 36 months, creating rich layers of aroma. All the elegance of champagne with a Piedmontese flair. Oudeis has hints of citrus apple and toasted nuts all of which give your cocktail a unique flavour!

Summer Babe with Genepy 

Have you heard of the ingredient Artemisia glacialis? It’s a pretty plant, with yellow flowers, that you’ve surely seen in front of the mountain huts when out hiking in the Alps of Piedmont, or France.

By macerating its flowers and seeds in alcohol, with the addition of sugar syrup, we get the famous Genepy. A liqueur typical of Piedmont, with an Alpine taste, a bitter after boudite and its excellent digestive powers! This great after-dinner drink can also be used in some of our favourite Italian summer drinks.

If you’re looking for a refreshing cocktail, I suggest the Summer Babe: mix a part of Genepy Valgrande with two parts of fine gin, like the London Dry Gin “Fulmine”; add lemon juice and ice, you will obtain a very thirst-quenching cocktail. 

HighBall Kopi Vermouth 

Imagine a Vermouth that reflects the original recipe of the famous Italian bartender, Giancarlo Mancino: 75% of white wine, with an addition of herbs. Add to it 14 beans of Indonesian coffee, hand-selected and subjected to a dark roasting in Naples, and here’s the Mancino Vermouth Kopi! Not your average bitter after-dinner drink, but rather a refreshing kick of caffeine and herbal notes.

For a simple cocktail but of great effect,  why not try a classic HighBall with a touch of Kopi. Add tonic and a sprig of mint served over the ice of course! Coffee will be the classy touch to create a drink with an amazing taste, that will give you some moments of pure pleasure! 

I don’t know about you, but my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

If, instead, you have a thing for something a little simpler, or you lack the will in the summer heat to shake up a cocktail… I’ve got two Italian summer drinks for you! Something straight to the point but a little more attractive, surely they will make you fall in love with them!

Summer means…Beer!

Let’s face it, everybody knows the equation summer=ice-cold beer! Beer is the most democratic drink: everyone agrees with it, as long as it’s excellent and served at the right temperature. 

As you know, there are infinite types of beer and not all are suited to freshen us from the summer’s heat. The ideal is a beer with a low alcohol percentage, which could quench you without weighing you down.

A perfect example?

The Saison Special, with a lightly fruity and citrusy taste, with hints of white melon, strawberry, and peach; it’s great for that BBQ that you are going to do with your friends, but it goes well also with spicy dishes.

This beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized: you will know it at the first sip, discovering its unique flavour.  Its compact foam and amber yellow colour will catch the attention of everyone!

La vie en rosè

We all know that rosè wine is one of the coolest drinks of summer. 

The Rosè or in Italian, Rosato, is very versatile. Usually made from red wine grapes, by taking the juice away from the grape must quickly to create the color and light character. 

Its structure, with very few tannins, is suited to be served at low temperatures, being an excellent choice when the heat doesn’t give a break.

While many think of this wine for a seafood dinner, it also can be great for the BBQ with your family: rosè is a certainty for every occasion!

Have you ever tried the Colline Novaresi Nebbiolo DOC Rosato “Poderi di Sopra” for an aperitivo on the beach? Its delicate taste and its floral and fruity notes, make it a drink loved by everybody. 

It’s a fresh boost of optimism that can make you see life with rose glasses!

Classic but original, intriguing, and with a unique taste these drinks are perfect to be the soundtrack of the hottest months of the year!

Which one do you prefer?

– Until next time, With Love!
Maria Chiara