Azienda Vitivinicola Luigi Tacchino

Via Martiri Benedicta 26, 15060 Castelletto d’Orba (AL)

A bit of history...

For over three generations the Tacchino family has been producing wines of recognized quality. Alessio and Romina represent the new generation and thanks to the support of new technological tools for cultivation and the support of expert oenologists during the winemaking processes, today Tacchino wines have added value and recognition to a wine that tradition had already made esteemed.

Taking advantage of the teachings of their peasant ancestors, who were the first to highlight the winemaking soul of their land, the two brothers were able to work in line with tradition and, at the same time, project themselves into the future. Today the traditional historical wines are flanked by a less known production but always of undisputed quality and which, above all, retains unmistakable characteristics of color, aroma and flavor.